Team Update: Maestro Esports Female

After one of our player’s received an offer from a reputable organisation, Maestro Esports has respected this player’s decision to accept the offer. The organisation embraced her choice with positivity, understanding and wishes her the best for the future.

With a key player departing, the team has collectively requested to disband and look for different opportunities. Maestro will remain supportive of their request, their careers and has no issues with them exploring other options. With the upcoming Danish tournament, Copenhagen Games drawing closer, Maestro will consider re-signing a new roster after the event concludes.

The previous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster consisted of:

Ine ‘Ari’ Meling
Aida ‘Aida’ Simão
Stephanie ‘Kitten’ Vandermeeren
Sien-Yee ‘eNzy’ Liu
Nelly ‘Raina’ Sosobrado

A few of the players wanted to make a statement about their experience within the organisation. Here’s what they had to say:

Nelly Sosobrado was happy to discuss her first role in an official esports organisation:

“Maestro has been very supportive. Their communication with us was great. They listened to the things we wanted and were always there for us whenever we needed them. Maestro is a friendly and serious organisation that wanted the best for us. Even if the time in Maestro was short, it was a great time I enjoyed it. Sadly at the end some of us wanted to do other things in life which is fully understandable. Thank you Maestro for having us and everyone who supported us, I wish you the best!”

Rifler Sien-Yee Liu was optimistic about her future options with Maestro saying:

“It was a pleasure to play under Maestro Esports. They were really supportive and understanding with us. It’s unfortunate that the team split but we will be looking forward to future projects.”

Regarding the situation Ine Meling added:

“This is an unfortunate situation, but choices have been made that are very much understood and respected. Thank you so much to Maestro for being extremely understanding, supportive and positive throughout our journey together, it’s really appreciated and I wish them the very best in their future ahead. Also thank you to my now former teammates for being part of this experience with me, it wouldn’t have been the same without you guys.”

Our latest update from Aida Simão is stated here:

“I deeply appreciate how we were treated in this organisation and all the effort that was put in to us, but unfortunately we part ways. Was a pleasure representing this family and I will cherish everyone for their comprehensive way of being. Thank you Maestro, thank you former teammates and thank you people that supported our journey.”

Despite the disbanding of the team, in-game leader Stephanie Vandermeeren and rifler Sien-Yee Liu have confirmed they would like to fulfill other roles within Maestro Esports. The Belgians enjoyed their time at Maestro and want to continue to be ambassadors for the brand.

This is what Maestro Esports CEO, Alessio Florio had to say:

“We are grateful to have worked with this lineup over the span of six months. The Maestro team wishes them the best. We’ll root for their progression in esports.”

Maestro Esports are extremely excited to see the potential for a new roster going forward. Maestro will partake and continue in future endeavours in esports. Stay tuned for more.

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