Maestro Media Group Joins Joint Venture With Danish PC Peripheral Manufacturer

Dutch esports company Maestro Media Group have confirmed their fifty percent share acquisition of Danish manufacturer, Proud Hippo. Proud Hippo is a PC peripheral manufacturer based in Copenhagen.

Maestro and Proud Hippo finalize the bid to establish a joint venture of the Proud Hippo brand and put pen to paper to run the company further together. The e-commerce company was founded in 2017 and provides specialised high-quality mouse pads and accessories for the popular first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The supreme product quality and excellent customer service the Danes strive for were values that caught the eye of Maestro Media Group.

Morten and Tabitta of Proud Hippo showcasing the Hippo Pad™ to Maestro staff.

Managing director, Alessio Florio had this to say about the acquisition, 

“We look forward to a beneficial collaboration between Proud Hippo and Maestro. From the beginning, we have seen that the team behind Proud Hippo is very driven to make the brand succeed and our visions aligned. With much optimism, we plan to make Proud Hippo a recognised peripheral brand across the globe. Maestro aims to take the brand to the next level by not only developing and selling mouse pads, but also mice and other gaming equipment.”

Morten Skov, co-owner of Proud Hippo couldn’t be happier,

“We are very happy to announce our merger with Maestro Media Group. Together with Maestro we will continue our quest of developing unique and high quality products for the gaming peripherals market. Under the wings of Maestro Media Group, Proud Hippo products will be made accessible to a world-wide audience and every aspect of the business will be greatly optimised, much to the benefit of every end consumer. With Maestro, we feel like we have found the perfect partner, and we are extremely excited to explore everything the future holds in store for Proud Hippo!”

Morten discussing the agreement to MMG Accountant and Alessio.

Tabitta Kjærsgaard, co-owner of Proud Hippo is excited to join Maestro,

“As one of the original founders of Proud Hippo, I am extremely happy about the merger with Maestro, which effectively allows Proud Hippo to not only live on as a brand, but also to grow bigger and better. I will stay on board as shareholder and brand ambassador and look forward to working together with Maestro in bringing new products and experiences to the worldwide gaming community.”

An excited Tabitta agrees to the terms of the acquisition

The expanded company will now focus on dispatching products globally and are no longer limited to Europe. While still maintaining its position in the Danish market. For Maestro Media Group, the acquisition has added suppliers and increased an customer base. The increased customer base allows a more flexible approach to esports. As well as the adoption of experienced e-commerce employees to drive product sales.

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